Jonyang Excavator

Guizhou jonyang power heavy industry Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2005. It is a joint venture of Guiyang industrial holding company and Singapore Science and technology power company. The main project is the design, production and sale of the "jonyang" brand from 3.5 tons to 70 tons of crawler hydraulic excavators and from 6 tons to 30 tons of tire hydraulic excavators, some special vehicles based on excavator according to the user's need and other special engineering vehicles. Besides, jonyang excavator has always served our military. For example, jonyang 74 type military wheeled excavator, air cooled engine, early engine for four cylinders, later six cylinder, the operation is more complex, need hand and foot joint operation. It is also equipped with two hydraulic gear pumps, walking with mechanical transmission, weighting 13 tons or so. Jonyang excavator has the following product performance:

I.The main components of engine, main pump, main valve, slewing mechanism and walking mechanism are chose from international famous brand products.
II.Dual pump and dual loop high voltage variable, cross power regulation and negative flow control can make full use of engine power.
III.Advanced mechatronics control.
At the same time, jonyang excavator has the following bright spots:
I.The international famous brand load sensitive hydraulic system, high flow control accuracy and good maneuverability.
II.Imported Cummins engine with high fuel efficiency and durability.
III.Imported driving axle with excellent quality, wet braking, safety and reliability.
IV.The driver room has large space and good view with TOPS and FOPS certification for anti tilting and falling objects. An ergonomic handle, suspended seat and closed cabin that supports air circulation provide more refreshing and comfortable operating space.
V.Compared with the same level, powerful digging, easier mining, shorter cycle time and excellent stability can help to improve productivity.
VI.Configurable hydraulic pickaxe pipeline with wider application range.
VII.The use of a large area of two side doors plus back door opening mode, daily maintenance within reach, one-stop service.

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