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CIMC Semi-Trailer

CIMC brand semi-trailer is the best in China, covers low bed semi-trailer, container bed semitrailer, cargo semi-trailer, tank semi-trailer, etc.CIMC trailers have been the No.1 sales market in China,the No.3 sales market in Europe,the No.5 sales market in North America.
CIMC trailers consist of  frame,suspension system,support device,Side guard,braking and electrical system.Different CIMC trailers have different fixed device.AS per different length,CIMC trailers include 8.6m,10m,11.16m,12.1m,12.5m,13m.According to different tonnage,CIMC trailers include 9T,15T,20T,22T,25T,26T,28T,30T,31T,32T.According to different axle,CIMC trailers include one axle,two axle and three axle.Accoring to the production mode of girder,CIMC trailers can be divided into three models.
Firstly,it is flat plate type,this type with large platform,upper space of semi trailer and tractor overlapping part can be fully utilized,have higher off the ground clearance, suitable for road transport.Secondly,it is multistep,this one with lower platform facilitate the loading and unloading of the goods,but the ladder parts are not suitable for loading and unloading.Thirdly it is Concave beam,this one with very low paltform and smaller ground clearance,it is chiefly used in the structure of  internal transfer vehicle.And the platform is the most common basic form.
Among CIMC trailers,low bed semi trailer is most popular in the market.Low bed semi trailer is usually used to transport heavy vehicles (such as tractors, buses and special vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paver, cranes, etc.) and other heavy goods, the low bed semi trailer’s center of gravity is lower, the better the stability and safety, the stronger the ability of transporting overheight cargo and passing overhead obstacles.Low bed semi trailer has flat type, concave beam type and tyre exposed structure, longitudinal beam adopts flat type or gooseneck,the low bed semi trailer of chassis is ladder type, girder section is i-section with the future of has high rigidity, high strength.
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