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Jonyang Excavator JYL623E
Main parameters
Bucket capacity 1 CBM (standard)
Operating weight:23000kgs
Main configuration
Cummins B-5.9 engine, 133 kw


Jonyang Excavator JYL623E

Advantages of Jonyang JY623E

Imported engine, powerful, stable performance, fuel efficiency, the ideal power reserve, Jonyang JYL623E has good power and reliability.

Hydraulic systems critical hydraulic parts are domestic and international famous brands, using the latest technological achievements, low energy consumption, fast response, precise control, the impact of small, strong digging force and excellent operating efficiency.

Most powerful 23 tonne excavator.

Jonyang JYL623E is the most popular model of China 23 Tonne excavator for sale.

OUR SERVICE for Jonyang JY623E supply

* Warranty: We supply one year warranty for all the machines we exported, during the warranty, if there is problem caused by machine quality without improper operation, we will supply the replace genuine parts by DHL to clients freely to keep the machine in high efficiency work.

* Spare Parts: We have 7years experience on machine and spare parts supplying, we are efforts to supply Genuine XCMG spare parts with good prices, quick response and professional service.

ltem Unit

Jonyang JY623E

operate weight t 23
bucket capacity m3 1
engine / cummins
model / B5.9-C
rated power kW/r/min 133/2000
Hydraulic flow L/min 224
The hydraulic pressure MPa 32
Walking speed km/h 2.6~4.6
Climbing ability % 65
Rotational speed r/min 13
Stick dgging force kN 115
Bucket dgging force kN 146
Ground pressure MPa 0.045
Overall Widh with Outrigger Extended mm 3835
Strick Length mm 2600
Maximum Cutting Height mm 9665
Maximum Dumping Height mm 6900
Maximum Digging Depth mm 5915
Maximum Reach mm 9615

In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization, municipal construction, highway construction and garden construction have become the core of engineering construction.

In this way, Jonyang follows the trend and has launched numerous Jonyang JY623E crawler hydraulic excavators suitable for municipal engineering. This product integrates comfort, reliability and superior working performance. With its excellent performance and efficient professional ability, it has gained higher reputation among many similar products and created higher economic value for customers.

Jonyang JY623E crawler long arm excavator mainly uses international brand products and adopts advanced and mature hydraulic technology, mechanical processing technology and mechatronics technology to ensure excellent performance, high efficiency and reliability of the whole machine. It is suitable for water conservancy and electric power construction, mining and mining, road construction, airport and port construction, urban construction, municipal construction and pipeline auxiliary projects.

Imported engine
The high torque 6 cylinder diesel engine with reliable variable pressure pump and load induction hydraulic system can ensure high performance and reliability.

Excellent liquid control element
Jonyang JY623E has an imported hydraulic system with advanced technology and reliable quality, with high efficiency and low cost.

Ultra strong mechanism
Excellent organization design can provide a variety of equipment configurations to ensure diversified, high-strength operations and a wide range of applications.

Comfortable man-machine engineering
The operator seat can be adjusted to the best position, equipped with high-performance air conditioning and labor-saving control devices, easy and comfortable operation.

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