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MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft
Equipped with 24DC HDI grease pump special for concrete mixer;
Self-progrmmed operation time,Waterproof,Dustproof,Superb performance.


MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft

Advantages of MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft

◆ Shaft ends multi-seal protection and air purge seal protection to effectively prevent leakage.
◆ Unique mixer monitoring system to monitor working conditions of the gearbox, discharge door pump, and electronic lubrication pump.
◆ sicoma planetary mixer Equipped with 24DC HDI grease pump special for concrete mixer; Self-programmed operation time, Waterproof, Dustproof, Superb performance.
◆ Multi-pipe water spraying to ensure even water distribution.
◆ Heavy-duty design, stable operation.
◆ Optional filtering and cooling system to keep lubrication oil clean in a constant Temperature and extend gearbox service life.
◆ Optional 4thGeneration gearbox processed by high-precision technology with military materials.High performance and longer service life.
◆ Optional mixer stable protection system and microwave moisture monitoring system.
◆ Capacity ranged from 1.5cu.m to 6.0cu.m.

OUR SERVICE of MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft

* Warranty: We supply one year warranty for all the machines we exported, during the warranty, if there is a problem caused by machine quality without improper operation, we will supply the replace genuine parts by DHL to clients freely to keep the machine in high-efficiency work.
* Spare Parts: We have 7years experience on the machine and spare parts supplying, we are efforts to supply Genuine XCMG spare parts with good prices, quick response and professional service.

MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft specification

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