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SDLG Excavator

In China Excavator brands, SDLG excavator is one of the brands which used Volvo technology, and products cover 15t to 50t. SDLG Excavator is most hot sale machine in SDLG Construction Equipment, the popular models SDLG LG6210E, LG6235E, LG6250E, LG6300E, etc. details

SDLG Excavator Brands Advantages:

Engine: Original Yammer, Isuzu, Cummins. An Imported new generation Cummins direct-injection, six-cylinder, four-stroke, and turbocharged engine is used, which is characterized by the powerful operation, low noise, low fuel consumption, and better reliability. 
SDLG Excavator Hydraulic Components: Imported brand like Kawasaki, mature and reliable negative-flow control system is used, with double-pump confluence and a multi-way valve applied to provide flow distribution to all action cylinders, providing powerful digging capacity and maximizing operational efficiency.
Filters: A new filter is used to improve filtering performance, with course, semi-fine, and fine filter models to ensure fuel quality, thus improving operating reliability in harsh conditions and making the machine more suitable for domestic areas.A high-capacity air filter is used, featuring a long life and easy maintenance, with protective mesh used at the intake port such that air quality can be ensured in dusty environments, guaranteeing effective operation of the engine.
SDLG Excavator Bucket: The bucket adopts bucket teeth manufactured using the famous U.S. ESCO's patented technology to ensure wear resistance and service life improved more than two-fold.
Convenient Maintenance: The oil filter, pilot filter, fuel filter, oil-water separator, and air filter, which are accessible for easy maintenance, are arranged on the ground for direct inspection and replacement, thus reducing maintenance time and improving work efficiency.
SDLG Excavator Optional: Long boom, long bucket rod, long digging bucket, grab hopper, breaker, and hydraulic shear etc.

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