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Shantui Bulldozer SD13
Main parameters:
Blade capacity 3.7/3.3CBM 
Operating weight:13700/14900kgs
Main configuration:
Shangchai SC8D143G2B1 engine, 95.5/1900 kw/rpm
Optional parts: 
Air condition, Three-shank-ripper 


Shantui Bulldozer SD13

The bulldozer is a kind of engineering vehicle with a large-scale metal bulldozer in front. When it is used, the bulldozer is lowered, and the clay, sand and stone are shoveled and pushed forward. The position and angle of the bulldozer can be adjusted. The bulldozer can excavate, transport and unload soil independently, it has the characteristics of flexible operation, convenient rotation, small working surface and fast driving speed. It is mainly suitable for the shallow excavation and short-term transportation of one to three types of soil, such as site cleaning or leveling, excavation and backfilling of foundation pits with small depth, and the construction of subgrade with small height.

Mainly composed of power system, transmission system, hydraulic system, frame and rear axle box, external protective system, electrical system, working device and so on, Shantui Bulldozer SD13 is driven by hydraulic and controlled by hydraulic pressure, with reliable engine and convenient operation. Centralized pressure measurement is used to facilitate fault detection, and longer track is used to reduce ground specific pressure and effectively exert the tractive force of the machine. With the advantages of moderate power, high technology content, this machine is favored broadly by users.

Shantui Bulldozer SD13 series is one of the varieties with large market demand at present. Shantui Bulldozer SD13 is developed by Shantui Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. by relying on scientific and technological progress and closely following international advanced technology. Shantui Bulldozer SD13 adopts hydraulic transmission and hydraulic control. The whole machine has advanced and reasonable structure and good performance. It is suitable for the transportation, excavation, backfilling of cubic meter of earth and stone and other bulk materials on roads, railways, mines and airports. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for national defense projects, mine construction, urban and rural road construction and water conservancy construction.

Advantages of Shantui Bulldozer SD13

SHANTUI  SD13 dozer equipped Shanghai Diesel SC8DK14363 turbocharged engine, powerful, energy-efficient.
Powershift transmission ensures smooth power shift conversion, in order to achieve fast speed and steering, and the shift to a more flexible exchange
Valve, pump location and reasonable layout, easy maintenance; multi-stage filtration, can effectively ensure the cleanliness of oil, reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic system.
SHANTUI SD13 is the most popular model of China bulldozer.

OUR SERVICE of Shantui Bulldozer SD13

* Warranty: We supply one year warranty for all the machines we exported, during the warranty, if there is a problem caused by machine quality without improper operation, we will supply the replace genuine parts by DHL to clients freely to keep the machine in high-efficiency work.
* Spare Parts: We have 7years experience on the machine and spare parts supplying, we are efforts to supply Genuine XCMG spare parts with good prices, quick response and professional service.

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