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Shantui Bulldozer SD23
Main parameters:
Blade capacity 7.8CBM 
Operating weight:24600kgs
Main configuration:
Cummins NT855-C280S10 engine, 169/2000 kw/rpm
Optional parts:
Air condition, Single-shank-ripper, Three-shank-ripper, fuel heater


Shantui Bulldozer SD23

Advantages of Shantui Bulldozer SD23

Shantui SD23 equipment with Cummins NT855-C280S10 using high-power engine, turbocharger efficiency, broaden the engine's efficient workspace, lower fuel consumption.
Mature and stable torque converter, high-reliability power shift transmissions, final pass move two straight tooth structure can be highly efficient power transmission, with high durability.
Meet the engine under any load conditions and any necessary user can normally hot environment, work reliably without causing the engine to overheat.
SHANTUI SD23 is the most popular model of China bulldozer.
And SD 23 with the whole cast dashboard, aesthetically pleasing, realizes the automatic fault diagnosis and monitoring all the domestic market.The Chassis system of SD23 with a strong traction and durability, as well as to the adaptability and stability of the various complex conditions.On the other hand, its Standard straight tilting shovel has strong cutting force and durability, as well as U shovel for users to choose.
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