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SHANTUI Wheel Loader

Shantui Loader is one famous brand in China brand loaders, SHANTUI Wheel loader covers 6 tons, 5 tons and 3 tons series Wheel Loader, are equipped with China Weichai, Shangchai diesel engine has strong power, large torque and can supply powerful driving force and digging force to improve the work efficiency.

SHANTUI Wheel Loader Most popular model Shantui SL30W, Shantui SL50W, now upgrades to SHANTUI SLW30WN and SL50WN.
SHANTUI Wheel Loader has a standard, coal type, rock type bucket to adapt to different conditions, meet the majority of the users. Glass grasp, wood clamp, coal bucket, high dumping, slading fork device are available as a variety of work for the user to choose.

Shantui Loader Technical Information

* First 3rd generation Chinese loader.
* Winner of many national scientific and technological awards.
* Features dozens of patented technologies.
* Pioneer in the Chinese loader industry.

Model Specifications

* Shantui Wheel Loader heavy duty energy-saving power system. 
* Industry leading ultra long wheelbase and super-sized body with excellent stability. Exclusive and original dual steering system (rigid and flexible).
* Main hinge joint alignment design that reduces turn radius, tire wear and energy loss.
* Multiple configurations with complete accessories and tools to cater to any terrain and work conditions.
* The preferred choice in overload work conditions

Shantui Wheel Loader Heavy Duty Energy-Saving Gearbox & Torque Converter Assembly

* Special large capacity torque converter that guarantees maximum power utilization.
* Reinforcer key-bearing part design using imported components that can improve the gearbox's overload capacity substantially.
* The drive shaft complies with international SAE/DIN standards. It has an enlarged fixing bolt diameter and provides ultra-strong torque resistance, ensuring continuous operation even with heavy loads.
* Comes with optional electric dead axle gearbox.

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