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XCM Asphalt Paver

XCMG asphalt paver has crawler and wheel models. XCMG Paver is on a major highway for construction equipment base and surface materials paving jobs.  details
It is composed of a variety of different systems complement each other to complete the paving job consisting mainly traveling system, hydraulic system, transmission dosing systems. RP452L, RP602L, RP602, RP802, RP756 and RP953 are very popular. RP452L asphalt paver is the first compact full hydraulic crawler paver machine adopts full hydraulic drive, electro-hydraulic proportional control with high level of automation, good handling, system configuration and high quality paving advantages ; crawler device about independent drive system uses microcomputer control, traction, steering smooth and flexible; 1.8 meters wide compact body design, coupled with walking can place the steering functions, making it particularly suitable for confined areas and Bent road Pavement construction work, the machine can be used in sidewalks, bike paths, farm roads, residential roads and other small paved roads, and conservation of the job grade highway. Large capacity hopper and around the hopper can be controlled independently, adaptability of a broader, more flexible; Enough power reserves, and around track is independently driven, the driving force is stronger, more stable running; Narrow fuselage, with hydraulic telescopic screed, transitions and more convenient, easier operation; Optional narrowing means the minimum paving width of only 0.8 meters, suitable for road maintenance operations.
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