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Xcmg Crawler Crane Xgc100
Main parameters:
Max.lifting capacity: 100t
Main boom lengtyh:19-73m 
Jib length:13-25m 
Main configuration:
* Shangchai engine
* Cabin with air conditioner


Xcmg Crawler Crane Xgc100

XCMG xgc100 Hydraulic Crawler Crane is a new generation of products launched by xcmg according to market needs in 2013 on the basis of summing up years of experience in product development and application. While inheriting the advantages of the old products, this product pays more attention to the improvement of performance, convenience of disassembly and transportation, and comfort of handling. With a brand-new look, industry-leading lifting performance, perfect and fast self-disassembly function and many other outstanding advantages, it brings customers a whole new experience. It can be used in farmland capital construction and water conservancy construction, petrochemical and power engineering construction, prospecting and construction of steel, nonferrous metal and coal mine, building operations, municipal construction and harbour construction.

XCMG xgc100 features:

XCMG xgc100 is convenient for transportation
The maximum transport weight of the main engine is only 32.5t, and the maximum transport width is only 3m. With a safe and convenient fully self-disassembly system, the mast crane is used to disassemble and assemble the left and right crawler frame, install counter weight on loading and hoist the boom (optional function). The counterweight lifting mechanism can realize the self disassembly and assembly of the counter weight on loading, which is convenient and efficient (optional function). The frame and the crawler frame, the boom and the turntable, the turntable and the counterweight are connected by the power pins, which is convenient and efficient. Four groups of supporting wheels are added at the top of the crawler frame, which can reduce the wear of the track plate and make walking more stable. The improved design of the cab bracket can reduce the impact on the cab during the transportation process. The control system is a liquid proportional pilot control system, which is simple, reliable and has good fretting performance. The lifting system adopts variable displacement motor in the form of pressure cutting, which can avoid the phenomenon of secondary lifting and sliding, and improve the safety of operation.

Advantages of Xcmg Crawler Crane Xgc100

XCMG XGC100 is 100 ton crane,it is hydraulic crawler crane XCMG summing up years of product development, application based on the experience, according to market needs, launched in 2013 a new generation of products, which inherited the old product advantages at the same time, pay more attention to performance, easy disassembly transport , handling enhance comfort on; a whole new look, industry-leading lifting performance, sound and efficient self-disassembly functions, and many other advantages, give customers a new experience. Products can be used in all areas of capital construction of farmland and water conservancy construction, petrochemical, power engineering construction, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal and other resource exploration and construction, building construction, municipal construction, port construction.
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