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Xcmg Crawler Crane Xgc300
Main parameters:
Max.lifting capacity: 300t
Main boom lengtyh:24-96m 
Jib length:9-42m 
Main configuration:
* Cabin with air conditioner


Xcmg Crawler Crane Xgc300

Advantages of Xcmg Crawler Crane Xgc300

XCMG XGC300 is 300-ton crawler crane, XCMG also has 350-ton crawler crane. Following QUY300 after 30 years of integration XCMG crawler crane design and manufacturing experience, full understanding of customer needs on the basis of the development of the whole technology has reached the international advanced level of a new generation of crawler cranes. XGC300 set the world's first boom integration, classification load lifting, transportation, and other leading domestic and global accessibility design technology to optimize the integration of high-strength lightweight boom, low center of gravity chassis and other large domestic and foreign advanced design concepts in a crane, so the device excellent cost-effective, powerful lifting capacity, customers more secure, reliable, applicable and economical.
XGC300 adequate to meet the Metro Shield lifting, wind power equipment assembly, petrochemical tower tank installation, municipal building construction, targeted development of the industry's most integrated "top three armed arms" of fixed jib working conditions, and to ensure maximum meet customers low-cost carriers special lifting equipment needs.
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