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XCMG Crawler Crane

FOCUS mainly sell XCMG and ZOOMLION hydraulic crawler crane. These brands are very famous in the world. XCMG hydraulic crawler crane has been exported to Singapore, India, Zambia, UAE and so on. XCMG hydraulic crawler crane has many series.

The highlights of XGC series of hydraulic crawler crane is here as below.

a. full coverage of all product spectrum-55t to 3600t, full coverage of product tonnage; two configurations for domestic and imported products to meet different demands.
b. easy for assembly and combination-use of well-equipped self-assembly system.
c. Optimized design, well transported in the world-combination of the world transport regulations, the whole machine structure optimized to minimize the transport costs.
d. High-end and luxurious, enjoy quality.
e. Fully improved lifting performance-optimized design of structural strength and counterweight combination, for the 
wide range of operation and powerful lifting capacity.
The universal combination, multiple diversifications. Hook block, counterweight and jib, can have some common use on the same platform products to improve parts service rate and really save purchase and transport costs.

Currently, XCMG and Zoomlion QUY55, QUY100, QUY150, QUY260, QUY300 and QUY450 hydraulic crawler crane is very popular in the market. For example, QUY650 hydraulic crawler crane is a mature, reliable, widely used in large tonnage hydraulic crawler crane, mainly used in lifting construction steel, thermal power, petrochemical, wind power and shipbuilding industries. Configure a variety of conditions, suitable for a wide range of engineering and unique pole headwind conditions, the standard conditions to meet onshore 3MW wind turbine installation. A full range of video surveillance, sound, and light alarm multiple security, with national patents, focus detecting the device and display real-time detection center of gravity of the whole ground pressure, increased walking security. 

The main system uses the total power variable pump control, the main and auxiliary winch double pump confluence can be selected for high-speed operation improve the operational efficiency of hydraulic crawler crane. Valves of hydraulic crawler crane are imported products, smooth operation, safe and reliable.
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