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XCMG Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller

XCMG Double Drum Roller is very hot in the market. All of the double drum roller is hydraulic driving. XCMG tandem vibratory roller has cover 8-14 tons of products,etc.High-frequency vibration technology,”three hearts unity of the use of technology, speed frequency management system greatly enhance the international status of the Chinese brands, leading technical level, the international synchronization.
The popular model could be XD122,XD132 and XD142 series. This serie padfoot roller is the second generation of XCMG tandem vibratory roller with high frequency. The padfoot roller is a new generation high-end full hydraulic double drum roller developed by XCMG group based on its extensive manufacturing experience. Having undergone intensive compact testing and featuring high-end intelligient control technology, the padfoot roller is the ideal choice for asphalt road projects with its excellent performance. Generally,padfoot roller match with Deutz engine,air condition cab.Tandem vibratory roller has excellent compaction weight,67HZ high frequency vibration, form the smooth road surface due to the nearer impact distance, and improve the operation efficiency. It is the best choice for thin paving compaction and high-level road compaction. The application of uniform compaction greatly improves the compaction quality and compaction uniformity.And this padfoot roller with top control technology,The double drum roller  features intelligent control due to the advanced PLC and CAN mastering control technology. The control system could display the parameter in real time, and warn automatically for the fault and indicate the output status and the fault record and search function. Speed frequency management function. The user could get the best compaction according to the three-color stripe of red, yellow and blue. The automatic vibration and watering function could reduce the operation times of the user and the labor intensity. When the tandem vibratory roller speed reaches the set speed, it will be vibrating and watering automatically. The large screen colorful LCD shows multiple parameters and warning information clearly.
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