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XCMG Excavator Xe15
Main parameters:
Bucket capacity 0.044CBM (standard)
Operating weight:1640kgs
Max digging height:3615mm
Max digging reach: 3915mm
Main configuration:
3TNV82A engine, 16.5/2200 kw/rpm
Hydraulic system
Optional parts:
Standard configured hydraulic breaker pipes are provided, with optional breaker equipment available.


XCMG Excavator Xe15

1.5t Digger XE15 Advantages

*the high-end configuration performance Safe and reliable protective railings and TOPS certified canopy, in line with overturning protection requirements.
Armrest can be flipped, integrated security features lock lever, and out of the cab have to lift the safety lock lever, so that the loss of steering console machine functions, safe and convenient access to the cab driver can shed.
*sturdy and durable and efficient
*convenient maintenance
Fast full-opening hood for easy maintenance, saving maintenance time and improve efficiency.
XCMG XE15 is the most popular model of China 1.5T excavator for sale.
An imported engine is used, featuring powerful and reliable performance, fuel-saving technology, and ideal power reserves.
The hydraulic system has adopted world-renowned brands for key components, applying the latest technological achievements, characterized by low fuel consumption, fast response speed, accurate controls, low impact, powerful digging force, and excellent operating efficiency.

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