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XCMG LW500FN Spare Parts

The integrally-cast supporting lug has high wear and pressure resistance.

The hinge joint adopts double-row tapered roller bearing, featuring high bearing capacity and long service life.
Multiple configurations and complete work tools, completely adaptable to construction requirements of different areas and working conditions.



Main parameters

Rated load:5 tons 
Bucket capacity: 3.0 m3 
Operating weight:16.5-17 tons 

Main configuration

Shangchai /Weichai engine
* Dry drive axle 
* Planetary gearbox
* Chinese made tyre

LW500FN Optional parts:

* Air conditioner 
* grasping grass pliers 
* Sliding fork 
* Standard bucket
* Side dumping 
* 2.8m3Blade bucket
* 3.6m3Lignt materialBlade bucke

XCMG LW500FN Advantages

* XCMG LW500FN proprietary high torque transmission chain efficiency and economy better than similar products industry for more than 10%. * XCMG transmission features optimized lubrication system design patented technology, completely solve the problem of uneven gearbox lubrication and lubrication industry problems, transmission life significant lead.
* Having a high double wishbone structure of job stability and strong performance shovel digging horizontal cylinder structure clever combination of stronger overall job performance.
* XCMG using unique high strength damping box frame structure, "carrying supplies more than" significantly ahead of the industrial products.
* ≥16 tons breakout force and high discharge capacity ≥3.5m, efficiency and power to achieve the best balance, leading to similar models
XCMG LW500FN is the most popular model of China 5t wheel loader, Updated from XCMG LW500F, Now LW500FN is upgrading to new model LW500FV equipped with EURO III engine with the electric injector, the new model will have high performance. 
Energy-saving power train based on patented technology from XCMG.
The 2, 950mm wheelbase leads to both high working capacity and mobility.
The rear frame made of high-strength steel plates welded in box shape is sturdy and reliable.

Audio system in standard, extra-large space, sound insulation and noise reduction provides conformable operation environment.

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