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XCMG Motor Grader GR165
Main parameters:
Operating weight :15 tons
Moldboard : 3965×610mm
Main configuration:
* Shangchai SC8D170G2B1 engine
* XCMG driving axle
* XCMG air conditioner driving cabin
* Imported differential mechanism
Optional parts:
* Front mouldboard
* Rear scarifier
* Shovel blade


XCMG Motor Grader GR165

Advantages of XCMG Motor Grader GR165

The new designs.
xcmg gr165 equipped with articulated frame, with the front wheel steering, small turning radius, mobile and flexible.
Electro-hydraulic control power shift transmission, 6-speed forward, backward 3 files.
This motorgrader adopt international support hydraulic parts, reliable work.
Blade action is fully hydraulic control.
Rear axle drive axle is equipped with three-NO-SPIN self-locking differential.
And this motorgrader with adjustable console, seats, steering handle and instrument layout is reasonable, easy to use, improved ride comfort.
The motorgrader's cab luxury and beauty, vision, good seal.
xcmg motor grader gr165 motorgrader can be equipped with front bulldozing plate, rear scarifier, front harrow, automatic leveling device.
Adjustable console, seats, steering handle and instrument layout is reasonable, easy to use, improved ride comfort.The spacious and elegantly designed cab provides good field of vision and quality sealing

XCMG motor grader gr165 is mainly used for ground leveling and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, soil loosening and snow removing on highways, airports, farmland and other large areas, which is a necessary construction machinery for national defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland improvement.

Maintenance of xcmg motor grader

Engine of xcmg motor grader gr165:
1. Check Xugong accessories - fuel tank storage capacity.
2. Check fuel tank and tubing.
3. Check the oil surface of the oil sump.
4. Check coolant level.
5. Check radiator, filter hose, radiator cap and gasket.
6. Check the air filter.
7. Check the fastening condition of engine parts.
8. Clean engine fuselage.
9. Check the engine running sound.

Electrical equipment and instruments of xcmg motor grader gr165:
1. Check the indicating instruments, indicating lights, lighting equipment, etc.
2. Check the electronic monitoring system.
3. Check generator and starter .
4. Check the battery.

Transmission system of xcmg motor grader gr165:
1.Check the gearbox, rear axle, planetary reducer and the balance box.

Steering system of xcmg motor grader gr165:
1.Check the steering performance.
2.Lubricating steering gear.

Walking mechanism of of xcmg motor grader gr165:
1. Check the tires.
2. Check the left and right wheels of the front axle.

Brake systemof xcmg motor grader gr165:
1. Exclude accumulated water and sediment in the cylinder.
2. Check the oil-water separator.
3. Check pipes and fittings.
4. Check the brake pressure.
5. Check the safety valve (on the cylinder).
6. Check running braking performance.

Hydraulic system of xcmg motor grader gr165:
1. Check the oil surface of the hydraulic tank.
2. Check hydraulic oil pump, hydraulic motor, oil cylinder pipe and pipe joint.

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