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XCMG Motor Grader

XCMG motor grader is very popular in the market. We are mainly GR series motor grader. The client could choose the front blade, rear ripper, A/C to be shipped with the XCMG motor grader together. Usually, we will ship them by container, ro-ro or bulk cargo. XCMG GR165, GR180, GR215, GR215A are very hot. XCMG GR215A is all wheel drive model.
GR Series Motor Grader is mainly used for highways, airports, and other large areas of farmland floor leveling and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, scarification, snow removal and other operations.
It is under construction and water conservancy construction defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural roads construction, farmland improvement and other necessary construction machinery. XCMG adopts Dongfeng Cummins engine, with high reliability and fuel economy, low noise and low emissions.
We use the articulated frame, with the front wheel steering, small turning radius, mobile and flexible.

The advantage of XCMG Motor Grader is as below:

  • Electro-hydraulic control power shift transmission, 6-speed forward, backward 3 files.
  • Adopt international support hydraulic parts, reliable work.
  • Blade action is fully hydraulic control.
  • Three-section rear axle drive axle with a self-locking differential.
  • Adjustable console, seats, steering handle and instrument layout is reasonable, easy to use, improved ride comfort.
  • The spacious and elegantly designed cab provides the good field of vision and quality sealing
  • Optional tools include front bulldozing plate, rear soil loosening blade, front soil loosening blade and automatic leveling device.

About XCMG grader drive system, Hangzhou gear, Liuzhou ZF, DANA and imported ZF gearboxes are used. About XCMG grader Gearbox, the Gearbox with electrohydraulic control that offers six forward gears and three reverse gears.About XCMG motor grader hydraulic system, imported parts are used for key components.

XCMG GR215 is one of the hot 
models, this XCMG grader is equipped with 6CTAA8.3/6CTA8.3 Cummins engine with 153kw/160kw. XCMG GR215 dimension is 8970x2625x3470mm, and Operating weight about 16500kg. XCMG GR215 maximum blade position angle can reach 90° and Circle reversing rotation is 360°.

Maintenance Manual for XCMG Motor Grader
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