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XCMG Pneumatic Road Roller

Pneumatic roller adopts hydraulic pressure, hydraulic or mechanical transmission system, single axle or full shaft drive, compacting process has rubbing effect, make the compacted layer particles does not destroy and halved, uniform dense,mobility is good and speed is fast that can up to 25 km per hour.XCMG tire roller has formed a 16 tons to 30 tons full range of products, 6 kinds of specifications models,has a long history, superior performance, market share lead in the domestic counterparts. The roller is most populaer in the market. details
XCMG tire roller popular model is XP163,XP203,XP263 and XP303. Its adopt Shanghai engine,air condition cab.Its high starting point, technology, performance and quality ensure that the machine remains at the forefront of China’s tyred roller development. Features of the machine include great aesthetic design, comfortable and convenient operation, excellent performance, good safety and reliability, as well as easy maintenance. About tire roller's comfortable operation,the wide and brightly lighted cab provides good field of vision and operational comfort.The bilateral control prevents dead corners on press edges,bends and turing points. About pneumatic tyred roller's excellent performance,tire roller are used to compact layers without damaging the materials,Counterweight can be added or removed by inflating the Pneumatic tyred roller.About tire roller's safe and reliable,the braking system features both emergency and manual braking.About the pneumatic roller's easy maintenance,the engine hood can be opened easily and a detachable cover plate is installed at the back of the machine.And the pneumatic roller also have reliable water channer,just like XP163/XP203 sprinkler system can satisfy different operational requirements. Pneumatic tyred roller is suitable for asphalt pavement, foundation, secondary foundation and filling projects and is an indispensable compacting tool for road and irrigation constructions.The pneumatic tyred roller is especially suitable for the compaction of asphalt highway surfaces where it can provide unparalleled compaction effects.And ti
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