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XCMG Road Roller XD123 XD123E
Main parameters:
Operating weight :12 tons
Vibration frequency : 50/67 Hz
Drum width:2130 mm
Main configuration:
* Deutz BF4M2012C engine,98Kw
* Saul hydraulic system
* Electronic control system
* Driving cabin with air conditioner equipped


XCMG Road Roller XD123 XD123E

Advantages of XCMG Road Roller XD123 XD123E

XCMG XD123 double drum compactor machine designed for the compaction of asphalt pavement design, compaction of a variety of different materials and different thickness of the layer, especially suitable for road, parking field, airports and other large engineering pavement compaction, can also be used for compaction of subgrade and base materials, and has broad application range.
XD123 tandem roller using the most advanced intelligent control system, the control system based on CAN-bus communication technology; under compaction condition and the start of the roller acceleration characteristics and parking deceleration characteristic is optimized, acceleration and deceleration time will than normal driving to long, to avoid the pressure roller on the material goes, improve pavement smoothness and reduce the crack. XD123/12 ton vibratory roller also has a number of energy saving and emission reduction functions such as intelligent cooling system, automatic throttle and so on.

OUR SERVICE of XCMG Road Roller XD123 XD123E

* Warranty: We supply one year warranty for all the machines we exported, during the warranty, if there is a problem caused by machine quality without improper operation, we will supply the replace genuine parts by DHL to clients freely to keep the machine in high-efficiency work.
* Spare Parts: We have 7years experience on the machine and spare parts supplying, we are efforts to supply Genuine XCMG spare parts with good prices, quick response and professional service. 

XCMG Road Roller XD123 XD123E specification
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