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Xcmg Road Roller Xs122 Xs122e
Main parameters:
Operating weight :12tons
Drum width: 2130 mm
Main configuration:
* Cummins 4B3.9 or YUCHAI YC4A125 engine
*Driving cabin with air conditioner equipped
Optional parts:
*Weld Lug wheel


Xcmg Road Roller Xs122 Xs122e

Advantages of Xcmg Road Roller Xs122 Xs122e

1, power plant
xcmg xs122 using diesel SC7H160.2G3 electronically controlled diesel engine, with high reliability and fuel economy, low noise, low emissions meet the national III standard.

2, transmission system
The utility model adopts the hydraulic torque converter and the power shift transmission with the stepless automatic speed changing to make the single roller have the automatic adaptability.

3, gas path control system
Pneumatic control system consists of a gas bag, pressure regulating valve, pneumatic brake valve, brake booster cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, brake, diaphragm spring brake, handbrake device, piping, fittings, valve and other components, the roller to realize emergency brake and parking brake. Two sets of braking system can realize mutual lock.

4, the fuselage
xs122, the fuselage uses the box type integral frame, front, middle and both sides of the lower part of the frame as a counterweight water tank, can also be used as a water sprinkler. The design of fuselage maintenance hole and overturned cover, convenient maintenance and maintenance components.

5, front and back wheel
After the first four tires five distribution. The front wheel frame is driven by the oil cylinder to realize the steering and can realize the mechanical swing. At the same time, each group of two tires can also be achieved swing.

6, optional intermittent sprinkling system, can widely meet the needs of domestic users, save manpower and material resources, but also effectively reduce the adhesion of tire tread asphalt, improve the quality of work.

OUR SERVICE of Xcmg Road Roller Xs122 Xs122e

* Warranty: We supply one year warranty for all the machines we exported, during the warranty, if there is a problem caused by machine quality without improper operation, we will supply the replace genuine parts by DHL to clients freely to keep the machine in high-efficiency work.
* Spare Parts: We have 7years experience on the machine and spare parts supplying, we are efforts to supply Genuine XCMG spare parts with good prices, quick response and professional service.Xcmg Road Roller Xs122 Xs122e specification

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