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XCMG Road Roller XS143J
Main parameters:
Operating weight :14 tons
Distribution mass on front drum 7 tons
Main configuration:
*Mechanical control
* Shangchai D4114 engine
* Permco hydraulic system
* Chinese axle
* Driving cabin dismountable
Optional parts:
*Weld Lug wheel
*Air conditioner


XCMG Road Roller XS143J

Advantages of XCMG Road Roller XS143J

XCMG XS143j /xcmg xs142j /xs142j vibratory roller for heavy self-propelled vibratory roller can be effectively compacting all types of soil and rock fill ply, XCMG XS143j /xcmg xs142j /xs142j is suitable for modern highways, the airport and embankment fill, seaports, dams, railways, mining and other needs all kinds of pressure real depth and high efficiency.

XS143J/XS142J with Outstanding configuration that the key components are provided by international suppliers (hydraulic pump, motor, drive axle, vibratory bearing and rotating alarm lamp), it also has several engine models for selection to meet different working conditions and customer’s needs.And the split convex block drum (below 16t) and integral convex block drum (18-20t) can be selected according to the customer’s requirement.On the other hand the aural and visual alarm device can timely provide the maintenance message to avoid the machine faults and to shorten the down time.
The self-opening engine shield makes the engine and hydraulic pump easy to access to.
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