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XCMG Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller

XCMG single drum vibratory roller series is very popular in the market. We have mechanical driving single drum roller and hydraulic driving single drum roller. For mechanical driving sheep foot roller, the popular model is XS143J, XS163J, XS183J. XCMG mechanical driving single drum vibratory roller ranging from 14-26 tons,14 basic standard models.
Most complete product line, the most perfect.This type single drup roller has become the brand of choice for many customers at home and abroad,the market share lead. For hydraulic driving sheep foot roller, the popular model is XS122, XS143 and XS163. XCMG hydraulic driving single drum roller is a heavy self-propelled vibratory roller,this type sheep foot roller can be effectively compacted soil types and rock fill overlay.XCMG single drum vibratory roller can be widely used in highways,airports,embankment fill,harbors,dams,railways,mines and other compaction depth and efficient construction. Of course there have some difference between mechanical driving and hydraulic driving,for example, hydraulic driving single drum vibratory roller adopt all-wheel drive, make full use of all the weight of the roller, adhesion, gradability can amount to 55%, even higher, slope compaction in favour of roads and DAMS,mechanical driving single drum vibratory roller because of only the rear wheel drive, driving force decrease obviously, usually the climbing ability only about 30%.Besides as we know,the rolling speed of sheep foot roller has obvious effects on soil compaction,for different layer material and different layer thickness has an optimal rolling speed.In general,mechanical sheep foot roller only have fixed working speed of two gears,but hydraulic driving sheep foot roller can achieve stepless variable speed within each gears and keep the speed constant.Compared with hydraulic driving single drum roller, the mechanical driving single drum roller's biggest advantage is low price, more economic,in the condition of same tonnage,the price of mechanical driving single drum roller only about 50%-70% of hydraulic driving single drum roller.
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