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XCMG Static Road Roller

XCMG Static Road Roller popular model is 3Y152J, 3Y212J, and 3Y252J. They are new generation rolling machines developed by the XCMG group that offer great reliability. The vehicles can be used to compact gravel and crush stone, sand, soil mixtures, asphalt, concrete and coal cinder. It is the ideal machine for road building, railway, engineering, airport, industrial and car park construction operations.The static compactor performance characteristics include comfortable operation,easy operation,unique structure,energy efficient and green,safe and reliable,outstanding specification,excellent performance and easy maintenance.About static roller comfortable opperation,the wide cab design offers a good field of vision and natural lighting,as well as operational comfort.About static compactor easy operation,the gearbox with synchroniser provides three forward and two reverse gears that will fulfil all compaction requirements.Gear changes can be performed easily with the ergonomically designed handle that offers flexible control and reduces operational fatigue.The static road roller also features reliable clutch and shaft control.About static road roller unique structure,the vehicle features a hinged steering design that ensures equal force is applied on the compaction material so that no vehicle mark will be left on the surface.About static compactor energy efficient and green,the vehicle uses a high performance,low noise supercharged diesel engine that is robust and offers great economic value.About static roller safe and reliable,the brakeing system features both emergency and manual braking system.About static compactor outstanding specification,the static road roller features a special roller drive axle and maintenance free batteries that provide great reliability.About static compactor excellent performance,an electrical sprinkler is available as an optional tool to prevent asphalt adhesion.About static road roller easy maintenance,the engine hood can be opened easily to facilitate maintenance,It reduces failure rates and downtime,while saving maintenance costs.These static compactor are equiped with Water-cooled YuChai engine,the theoretical gradeability can up to 20%.3Y152J static roller diesel tank capacity is 130L,3Y212J and 3Y252J static compactor can reach to 200L. details
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