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XCMG Telescopic Handler

Telescopic handler is also called Telescopic Loader which is a kind of multi-functional engineering machinery, used for lifting and carrying with good stability and efficiency.

XCMG Telescopic handlers have a compact frame, flexible operation, sensitive lifting, automatic adjustment, high carrying capacity. details
XCMG is the first brand in China designed and produced telescopic handlers, XCMG Telescopic Handler is now very popular in telescopic loader market, there are three modes with lifting capacity 3.5 tons and 4.5 tons, lifting height 7m, 14m and 17m.

XCMG Telescopic Handler classic model XC6-3507, XC6-3514, XC6-4517 now is upgraded to XC6-3007K, XC6-3514K, XC6-4517K. 
New models are equipped with EURO III standard engine, with high torque force and better performance.

XCMG Telescopic Handlers advantages:

* Special Design Power transmission: Compact structure, high rigidity and long lifetime.
* Integral Frame: small turning radius and good maneuvering performance.
* Adjusted vehicle frame.
* 4 wheels driving and Fully sealed wet multi-dosc brakes.

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xcmg telescopic handler is a non-mainstream in construction machinery, mainly used in industry, construction, agriculture, forestry and other industries. This machine is mainly used for loading, unloading and handling of small and medium tonnage goods, widely used in developed countries, mainly used to replace or supplement part of the traditional crane operation.

Traditionally, cranes or forklifts are mainly used for loading and unloading cargo. However, cranes and forklifts can not fully cope with the increasingly high working conditions and efficiency requirements under many working conditions, and more flexible and multi-functional xcmg telescopic handlers have emerged. This kind of machinery has become very popular in developed countries, and is also rising in developing countries. While among domestic manufacturers, only a few including xcmg have reached international leading level and are capable of producing series product and successfully exporting abroad.

Compared with cranes and forklift trucks, the advantage of the xcmg telescopic handler is that it can load and unload goods from many angles and can walk flexibly with loads. In addition, various working devices and accessories such as buckets and aerial working platforms can be replaced or connected at random and quickly on the working site.

1. Definition of xcmg telescopic handler

The xcmg telescopic handler is a kind of forklift truck equipped with telescopic boom. Its fork or gear is usually installed on the boom and can be used to hoist or fork the goods.

The xcmg telescopic handler is an important category of aerial work equipment. As a continuation of the traditional forklift truck, it integrates the telescopic boom structure of truck crane with the forklift function of the traditional forklift truck, the quick movement of loader and the loading and unloading function of shoveling materials. It makes full use of the high and far characteristic of telescopic boom structure, cooperates with various kinds of tools, enlarges the operation function and scope, and improves its adaptability to the work site.

The fork of xcmg telescopic handler can cross obstacles and pass through orifices for forklift operation, and can stack and dismantle multiple rows of goods under complex working conditions. The front view of xcmg telescopic handler is good, and the requirement for clearance height of passage is low. It is usually divided into cross-country forklift truck range.

2. Characteristics of xcmg telescopic handler

The birth of xcmg telescopic handler mainly solves the technical problem of automatic leveling of fork. The traditional forklift truck adjusts the working height by lifting the vertical portal frame. The level of the forklift truck remains in a horizontal state during the lifting process, and will not change. While xcmg telescopic handler adjusts the height of the fork by adjusting the angle of the telescopic boom. The angle of the fork varies with the angle of the telescopic boom.

The characteristics of xcmg telescopic handler are as follows:

The xcmg telescopic handler adopts four-wheel driving type. There are three steering modes (front wheel steering, four-wheel steering, oblique walking). The double-speed gear box has small turning radius and can operate flexibly, quickly and accurately in a narrow space.

xcmg telescopic handler is widely used for long time and continuous operation. There are a range of quick-changing accessories for selection, including forks, buckets, truss arms, vertical gantry, etc. There is no need to buy other models. Just adding a few accessory on the machine, you can improve the production capacity, flexibility and efficiency of the forklift truck.

Stability and safety
The xcmg telescopic handler has long wheelbase and low center of gravity. Stable supporting legs can be installed in front of the frame, and the boom has the function of protruding, reducing automatic locking, and the engine is placed in the longitudinal center of the frame, so that it can maintain stability on hillsides and rugged areas; Uniform weight distribution and four-wheel driving have improved its mobility in muddy, rocky areas, sand and snowfields; It has a wide field of vision.

3. Application of xcmg telescopic handler

The xcmg telescopic handler can effectively complete a variety of different operations by using  multiple accessories, and has truly become a multi-functional construction machinery. Widely used in agricultural and animal husbandry, logistics industry, dock operations, aerial operations, trailer transport, urban infrastructure, industrial and mining enterprises’ warehouses and other construction sites to lift, transport, stack bricks, timber, steel and other materials, it has become an ideal efficient handling tools in modern industry, construction industry and agriculture. With the development of economic construction, the demand for it is larger and larger, and the requirement for its performance is higher and higher.

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