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XCMG Truck Crane

XCMG mobile crane and ZOOMLION truck crane are very famous around the world. Focus mainly offer these two brands mobile crane truck in the market. XCMG and zoomlion 25t, 30t, 35t, 50t, 70t mobile crane truck is the best seller in the market. XCMG mobile crane and zoomlion truck crane has been exported to so many countries such as Dubai, south Africa, Mauritius and so on.

Many clients feel interested in 25t XCMG mobile crane, because it has 3 models for choice, xcmg QY25K-II with mechanical control, xcmg QY25K-II with pilot control and xcmg QY25K5-I with pilot control. Xcmg QY25K5-I mobile crane truck is the best one among them. The engine for the xcmg crane for sale is shangchai or hangfaxcmg crane for sale uses the Hersman PAT, the double independent winch. The main boom is 39.5m and has one jib with 8.3m.The price for xcmg QY25K5-I mobile crane truck is more expensive than others. There are so many highlights of the xcmg crane for sale. Innovative boom system with inserted sliders, plug-in boom head with patented technology and octagonal-shaped boom cross-section provides excellent lifting capacity, safe and reliable lifting operations. The exclusive telescoping technology prevents the occurrence of core tube bending, oil cylinder bending and boom breaking caused by mis-operations, and therefore operation safety is improved. The moment limiter equipped with color LCD realizes intelligent trouble diagnostic, and its precision leads in the same-class products in the industry. The ergonomic design cabs for the operator is spacious enough for flexible and convenient operations.Six specialized processing techniques ensure high-quality production. The work area is extended two folds by 5t counterweight newly added.

We could offer one-stop service for mobile crane truck. Once you purchased from us, we will offer you shipment, installation, training and after-sale service. We hope to establish a long business relationship with all clients. 
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