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XCMG Wheel Loader LW300KN
Main parameters:
Rated load :3 tons
Bucket capacity :1.8 m3
Dumping height: 2930mm
Dumping reach: 1010mm
Operating weight: 10 tons
Main configuration:
* Yuchai engine YC6B125-T21(92kw)
* Dry drive axle
* Fixed axle box for LW300FN
* Chinese made tyres
Optional parts:
1.8m3 Blade bucket
2.1m3 Lignt materialBlade bucket
2.5m3 Lignt materialBlade bucket 
1.8m3 Reinforced bucket


XCMG Wheel Loader LW300KN

Advantages of XCMG Wheel Loader LW300KN:

* LW300KN is equiped with new skeletal structure cab, VDO instrumentation, large space, vision, industry-leading comfort.
* Mature classic transmission parts, axle box and set the engine to achieve the best match, energy efficient.
* Traction ≥9.0 ton breakout force ≥12.0 tons, industry-leading operating capacity, to conquer a variety of adverse conditions.
* Bucket-type optimization, insert a small resistance, high coefficient of full bucket, shovel has an outstanding ability.
* 2600mm wheelbase, the turning radius of 5165mm (center of tires), flexible, strong ability to adapt to the venue.
* It can be configured to increase the bucket, wooden clip clamp, grass fork, grab the machine, sweeping machines and other equipment to meet a variety of working conditions.

XCMG LW300KN is the most popular model of China 3t wheel loader, updated from the old model xcmg zl30g, now LW300KN is upgrading to new model LW300KV equipped with EURO III engine with the electric injector, new model will have high performance.
Special heavy-load energy-saving drive system of XCMG, Characteristic extra-strong heavy-load structural part from XCMG, extra-long wheelbase and super-large self-weight with stability leading the industry, All structural parts employ computer-aided design, featuring sturdiness and excellent reliability, Multiple selections for configurations transforming work tools, suitable to construction requirements of different areas and working conditions.

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