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XCMG Wheel Loader ZL50GN
Main parameters:
Rated load: 5 tons
Bucket capacity : 3.0 m3
Operating weight:17.5 tons
Main configuration:
* Pilot control
* Air conditioner driving cabin
* Weichai engine, Shangchai Engine (CAT license),
Cummins engine
* Dry drive axle
* Planetary gearbox, ZF gear box
* Chinese made tyre
Optional parts:
* Grasping grass pliers
* Sliding fork
* Standard bucket
* Side dumping
* Lignt material
Blade bucket: 3.5m3 & 4m3& 4.5m3 * 2.5m3
Mine bucket


XCMG Wheel Loader ZL50GN

Advantages of XCMG Wheel Loader ZL50GN

* XCMG patented APD hydraulic systems, energy efficient.
* XCMG efficient proprietary high torque transmission chain, a reasonable match.
* XCMG Features super heavy duty structure, no redundant weight.
* Long wheelbase, the ability to work, the job stability of the industry leader.
* Main hinge on the design, reducing the turning radius, reducing tire wear and energy loss.
* Micro-pressurized air-conditioned cab ergonomics design concept, the overall framework structure, exquisite interiors, large space, noise reduction, handling comfort.
* Single row from a large radiator, anti-clogging, easy to clean.
* Configuration and diverse, complete equipment, fully meet the different regions, different conditions construction requirements.
* Traction 16.5 tons, high discharge capacity ≥3.7m, easy to deal with dangerous working conditions.
* ≥7.5 tons lifting capacity, breakout force of 17.5 tons of various materials ease.
* Overweight conditions preferred model.

XCMG wheel loader ZL50GN is the most popular model of China 5t wheel loader, Now ZL50GN is upgrading to new model ZL50GV equipped with EURO III engine with the electric injector, new model will have high performance.
XCMG heavy duty energy-saving power system.
XCMG ultra-long heavy duty structure.
Industry-leading ultra long wheelbase and super-sized body with excellent stability.
Exclusive and original dual steering system(rigid and flexible).
Main hinge joint alignment design that reduces turn radius, tire wear, and energy loss.
Multiple configurations with complete accessories and tools to cater to any terrain and work conditions.
Exquisite and super spacious interior design with sound insulation and noise reduction that provides a comfortable operational environment.

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