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ZOOMLION Truck Crane

Zoomlion truck crane is very popular in the market. Zoomlion China is very famous in the world. Zoomlion mobile crane has been exported to Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and so on. People like Zoomlion truck crane because of the enhanced performance, better quality, ease of use, easy maintenance, with greater energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The lifting operation of Zoomlion truck crane is made more reliable with the industry's more complete safety device system. The integration of design and structural elements of Zoomlion truck crane have automated the welding process and enhanced reliability. The electrical system of Zoomlion truck crane has been comprehensively upgraded and now includes leak-proof electrical connectors, significantly extending the service life of components. Overly high hydraulic oil temperature, unstable operation, short service lift. Large displacement motor ensures that operations requiring two lifts to be completed in one lift. Small displacement motor may result in downward sliding during second lifting, causing hidden troubles. New hydraulic motor with larger original torque allows for safer second-lifting operations. Eight patented technologies ensure smooth movement, high efficiency, and economy of lifting, slewing and luffing mechanisms.

25t, 30t, 35t, 50t, 70t Zoomlion truck crane is the best seller in the market. For 25t Zoomlion mobile crane, it has a QY25V model. Mechanical control and pilot control could be a choice depending on the client. QY25V is used with high configuration for a 25t Zoomlion mobile crane. It is used with full dimension cab with air conditioner. Zoomlion mobile crane price is reasonable compared with other famous brand’s cranes. However, the service is one top class in the world. The client could buy the spare parts and do some main maintenance in their local place because Zoomlion mobile crane has so many agents in the world.

Zoomlion China could offer one-stop service. Once you purchased from us, we will offer you shipment, installation, training and after-sale service for the zoomlion truck crane. We hope to establish a long business relationship with all clients. 
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