• JY623E Crawler Excavator JY623E Crawler Excavator 10 29,2018 JY623E crawler excavator (using today's advanced and mature hydraulic technology, machining technology and mechatronics technology) VIEW
  • Efficient And Super-Power - JY623E Crawler Hydraulic Excavator Efficient And Super-Power - JY623E Crawler Hydraulic Excavator 10 28,2018 In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization, municipal construction, road and garden construction have increasingly become the core of engineering construction. VIEW
  • JY621E Crawler Excavator JY621E Crawler Excavator 10 27,2018 Applicable working conditions: Water conservancy and electric power construction, mining, road construction, airport port construction, urban construction, municipal construction and pipeline laying. VIEW
  • JY621E Crawler Excavator Introduction JY621E Crawler Excavator Introduction 10 26,2018 In order to meet the market demand of Chinese construction machinery users, Zhanyang Heavy Industry has launched a new heavyweight new product, the JY621E crawler excavator, which can provide powerful performance in a variety of applications, combining th VIEW
  • XCMG MQH37A Side Crane Performance XCMG MQH37A Side Crane Performance 10 24,2018 MQH37A has a number of advanced core technologies and a number of national patents. It can complete a variety of functions such as container loading and unloading, vehicle-to-vehicle transfer, etc. VIEW
  • China Cummins Engine 2 China Cummins Engine 2 09 22,2018 Advantages of Cummins engine:1.Fuel-efficientThe advanced design and excellent manufacturing of Cummins makes the fuel consumption much lower than similar products.2.Strong powerThe design of exhaust ... VIEW
  • China Cummins Engine 1 China Cummins Engine 1 09 20,2018 Applications Of Cummins Engine1.Mining industryThe Cummins engine can satisfy the power demand from small construction machinery to large equipment to the largest extent, providing ideal power for exc... VIEW
  • Jonyang Wheel Excavator 1 Jonyang Wheel Excavator 1 09 18,2018 With the "new-type urbanization" strategy redefining China's urban construction process, China's construction machinery market demand is quietly changing. Wheel excavators, which are suitable for farm... VIEW
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