Pengpu Dozer2

Proper Maintenance Method For Pengpu Bulldozer

1.Keep the alignment position of the guide wheel of Pengpu bulldozer

The misalignment of guide wheel has serious influence on other parts of walking mechanism. Therefore, adjusting the gap between guide plate and track frame of guide wheel is the key to extend the life of walking mechanism. When adjusting, use the gasket between guide plate and bearing to correct. If the clearance is large, remove the gasket; If the clearance is small, add a gasket. Standard clearance to maintain bulldozer is 0.5-1.0mm and maximum clearance is 3.0mm. Turn the track pin and pin bush at the appropriate time.

During the wear process of the track pin and the pin sleeve, the pitch of the track joint is gradually lengthened, resulting in poor meshing between the drive wheel and the pin sleeve and  damage to the pin sleeve and abnormal wear of the drive wheel tooth surface, which may cause taps and impacts and greatly shorten the life of the walking mechanism. When the pitch cannot be restored by adjusting the tension, it is necessary to turn the track pin and the pin sleeve over to obtain the correct track pitch. There are two kinds of moments at the scene to determine the turning of the track pin and the pin sleeve; one method of maintaining the bulldozer is to check the time when the track section is stretched by 3 mm; another method of maintaining the bulldozer is to check the moment when the outer diameter of the pin sleeve wears 3 mm.

2.Bolts and nuts should be tightened in time

When the bolts of the walking mechanism are loose, it is to break or lose, causing a series of failures. The following bolts should be checked for daily maintenance: mounting bolts for supporting wheels, mounting bolts for driving gear blocks, mounting bolts for track plates, and mounting bolts for diagonal bracing bar heads. Refer to the instruction of each type for tightening torque of the main bolt.

3.Timely lubrication

4.Check the crack

The cracks in the walking mechanism should be checked timely and repaired and strengthened in time.

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