Shantui's Hundred Flowers Competition

“1.2 million caterpillar tracks and 9 million wheel trains” are the transcripts presented by the Shantui Crawler Chassis Company to the market. “Simple and direct” shows the elegance of the country’s equipment. Today, Shantui has formed an annual production capacity of 150,000 crawler assemblies, 1 million wheel train assemblies, and 2,000 units of integrated crawler chassis. It has become one of the largest chassis parts manufacturers at home and abroad!

On the afternoon of September 20, 2017, at the BICES 2017 exhibition site, Shantui Post Market Promotion Conference was in full swing. Li Hongbao, Secretary-General of the China Construction Machinery Excavator Branch, and Deputy Secretary-General Li Jin of the Sub-components Division were invited to attend the event. “In 2017, the sales of Shantui chassis products in West Africa and East Africa increased by 285% and 100% respectively, while a number of chassis customers such as Pingshuo Coal Mine Drilling Rig were newly developed; the transmission products were in large-tonnage torque converters and gearboxes. The market has performed well, pioneering the VRT dual-variable product market including industry leading loader companies, and the torque converter market for the largest tonnage loader in the country.” In 2017, Shantui has achieved fruitful market development and the accessories and services market is steadily growing. expand.

"Hundred flowers bloom" to show off

In E4455 Shantui accessories booth, track assembly, overall chassis, track plate series, chain track section, guide wheel, tensioner assembly, sprocket assembly, assembly modeling, gearbox, torque converter core components, reducer And so many other mountain push accessories products "bloom."

Among them, the 317RC caterpillar is a high-end lubricated caterpillar track product and has won the "Best Four-Way Product Contribution Award" from the Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference and Top 50 Summit. 317RC has 30%~50% longer life than ordinary sealed crawler, 10%~20% energy saving by host, and 5%~15% noise reduction. 317RC wheel train adopts full hard technology, and its service life is 2~3 times longer than that of non-all-hard wheel train. The 317RC four-wheel area is used to support the Caterpillar D11 series of bulldozers. The successful trial production has broken the monopoly of foreign countries, filled the domestic gap, and promoted the development of the domestic high-power bulldozer chassis parts industry.

In terms of transmission, the ST3290RU mechanical gearbox for this exhibition is the best partner for 18~20 ton rollers. The gearbox adopts synchronizer mechanical gear shifting, which has high transmission efficiency and good shifting quality; the gearbox adopts helical gears to improve. Torque transfer capability, reduced gear meshing noise; single bidirectional output free switching, giving users more freedom of configuration choices. BED3313H gearbox is equipped with a 26-ton roller. The gearbox adopts a fixed-shaft multi-plate wet clutch power shift. The clutch adopts a clutch shaft and a clutch housing to separate the fixed-shaft structure. The shift is comfortable, the structure is simple and compact, and the transmission efficiency is high. Load loss is small. ZL160-3 reducer for down-hole drilling rig adopts large pressure angle gears to improve the torque transmission capability of gears and has strong impact resistance. It is a "good match" for a 160-hp submersible drilling rig. BED4318 electronic control gearbox is mainly equipped with 5T high-end loader, which consists of torque converter and gearbox. The torque converter has a compact structure, easy maintenance, and high reliability. The gearbox adopts electro-hydraulic power shift control, which is characterized by light handling, low shifting shock and high transmission efficiency.
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