XCMG 50t QY50KA Truck Crane Delivered To South Africa In December

XCMG 50t QY50KA Truck Crane Delivered To South Africa In December

We delivery XCMG 50t QY50KA truck crane in December. Focus could offer XCMG, zoomlion, shantui and pengpu construction machinery and spare parts in the world. XCMG 50t mobile crane is very popular in the market. We have two models which are QY50B.5 and QY50KA. They have been sold to many countries such as dubai, indonesia, thailand, south africa, algeria and so on. QY50KA is the best one. The max boom is 39.5m and with jib is 47.8m. It used the hersman PAT and double independent winch to make sure the safety of the crane.

If you feel interested, pls do feel free to contact me,008613952206036.

Detail configuration of QY50KA:

* The max lifting capacity: 50t
* Fully extended boom: 42.7m
* Fully extended boom+jib: 57.7m
* Total weight: 41t
* Hangfa EngineIII
* Double independent winch
* Hersman PAT
* A/C and Heater both in driving cabin and operation cabin
* Radiator, 5 outriggers
* Full dimension cab
* Pilot control



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