XCMG MQH37A Side Crane Performance

MQH37A has a number of advanced core technologies and a number of national patents. It can complete a variety of functions such as container loading and unloading, vehicle-to-vehicle transfer, etc. It has the advantages of large lifting capacity, long working range, wide application range and universality. Good character and strong loading and unloading support ability, can meet the container lifting needs in different locations, widely used in container logistics, port freight forwarding stations, railway container handling stations, warehouses, military logistics support, customs departments and other container distribution centers, The characteristics of "fast, flexible, efficient and convenient" have been more and more recognized and recognized.

Corresponding to the product level of the industry competitors,  XCMG MQH37A advantages:

The whole vehicle has a long trouble-free working time, stable and reliable performance, compact and reasonable layout, beautiful and fashionable, easy to use and easy to maintain.

1. Patented technology for sliding container side loading and unloading transporter
The container or container of 20 ft or 40 ft can be loaded and unloaded by the sliding of the front and rear cranes, which has wide application range and good versatility, and greatly expands the use of the equipment.

2. Double pump and double branch patent technolog
The whole vehicle is powered by an independent engine with adjustable speed, and the hydraulic oil output from the double pump.

After passing through the combined valve group, it is transported to the multi-way valve group of the front and rear side cranes in series to drive the respective actuators, which has a wider range of linkage adaptability, which greatly ensures the stability and reliability of the lifting process.

3. Electro-hydraulic load adaptive patent technology
The high-pressure and low-pressure double-pump pumps are used, and the two front and rear cranes are supplied with oil through the combined flow of the diverter valve, which can realize the large flow rate of the dual-pump simultaneous oil supply under low-pressure conditions and the low-pressure pump under high-pressure working conditions. The low flow rate of high pressure unloading ensures the efficiency and quality of the lifting operation. This technology can not only ensure the stability of the speed switch of the crane under high and low pressure conditions, but also make full use of the output power of the engine, which is more economical.

4. Patented technology for automatic loading and unloading of chain-locking device for container loading and unloading
The sling chain lock mechanism for container loading and unloading, the rotation lock automatically rotates and locks in the corner piece of the container during the packing operation, and does not fall off, ensuring the safety during operation; the lock can still be automatically locked by the limit device during transportation. It eliminates the repeatability of the operator's transportation and unloading chain, and greatly improves the safety during driving. After the operation, the trajectory of the boom is recovered by optimizing the trajectory of the lifting point and the position of the chain. The automatic storage greatly improves the comfort of operation and the safety of the whole vehicle.

5. Control system optimization technology
The vehicle is reasonably matched to the combination of a remote wireless control remote control and an advanced load-sensitive electro-hydraulic proportional multi-way valve with pre-valve pressure compensation. The remote control operation is safe, comfortable and convenient. The remote control panel and handle are people-oriented and conform to the movement trend of the machine; proportional control realizes stepless speed regulation, ensuring stable operation of the whole machine and precise control of fine movements.

6. Reasonable matching of safety systems
During the whole machine operation, the side of the leg has an intelligent anti-rollover protection system to monitor the stability of the whole machine in real time. If there is danger of tilting, it can automatically alarm and lock effectively; the other side of the leg has a baffle protection, which can block The container enters the danger zone. The application of high-strength steel plate is ensured to be safe and reliable through advanced software analysis and rigorous testing. At the same time, high-quality hydraulic seals, high-level electrical protection, safe and reliable locking mechanism, and practical and safe emergency stop function have also been added.

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