XCMG Telescopic Handler

The XCMG telescopic handler has the following performance and characteristics:

1. Equipped with cloud engine, Weichai engine and Cummins engine are optional.
2. High quality homemade hydraulic transmission and drive axle.
3. Select the best hydraulic components, pilot operation, convenient and durable.
4. Durable structure, high level automatic leveling function.
5. (quick change) selection of accessories: wooden fork, pipe, cargo fork, fork grass, rock bucket, big bucket, snow bucket, mixing barrel, etc.
6. Optional luxury watch, air conditioner, back camera, driving more comfortable.
7. High pressure safety auxiliary air disc brake system.
8. Customized high dumping and arm length products according to customer requirements.

XCMG telescopic handler is mainly used to transport sand, road repair, transportation of stone and subway construction.

At the same time, the double lift oil cylinder of the telescopic loader is sufficiently powerful to reduce the friction pressure and prolong the service life of the pulley block. Meanwhile, heavy duty vehicle bridges can be equipped with engines suitable for domestic and export emission standards in different regions of the world. And the comfortable environment of operation, air conditioning, warm air reversing image fan, hydraulic electronic control pilot are all available.

And the loader's specifications are also very standard:

1. Transmission system of XCMG telescopic handler

Adopt the mode of "hydraulic converter + gearbox + transmission shaft + disc brake".

2. Operation specification of XCMG telescopic handler

(1) Steering system: hydraulic power steering articulated frame.
(2) Minimum turning radius: 5900mm
(3) Drive system: hydraulic torque converter, four wheel drive
(4) The European rapid exchange system
(5) Control of joystick

3. Brake System of XCMG telescopic handler

(1) Traffic brake: safety assist air disc brake system.
(2) Parking brake: Manual operation(disc brake)
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